What to Ask Before Getting a Mouth Guard

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A dentist-recommended mouth guard is a great way to protect teeth and gums from damage, especially if you play a sport in which a blow to the face is possible or grind your teeth while sleeping. Any time damage to teeth is a concern, you are encouraged to visit a dentist to find out if a mouth guard is right for you. 

Questions to ask your dentist about mouth guards

It is important to know the right questions to ask your dentist before getting a mouth guard to ensure it is worn appropriately and kept in good condition. The following are four of the most essential questions to ask before wearing any form of dental appliance, especially a dentist-recommended mouth guard. 

Why do I need a mouth guard?

There are many different reasons why a dentist might recommend a mouth guard. Perhaps the most common reason a mouth guard is recommended is to protect the mouth from damage. The teeth and gums are susceptible to damage from a blow to the face during sports such as hockey, football and lacrosse. A mouth guard also works to prevent teeth grinding while sleeping. Dentists may also recommend a mouth guard for patients with sleep apnea, particularly those who have an issue with snoring. 

When do I need to wear my mouth guard?

The frequency as to how often you should wear your mouth guard depends on the exact purpose for wearing it. Subsequently, consulting with your dentist is important for determining how often it should be worn. For those who wear it for sports-related concerns, only wearing it during practice and games might be enough. Others who wear it for concerns while sleeping may need to wear it while sleeping only. 

How do I keep my mouth guard clean?

It is very important to keep your mouth guard clean to prevent oral health issues from developing. If bacteria and food particles accumulate on the mouth guard, then it may raise the risk of stained teeth, tooth decay and oral infection. Be sure to talk to your dentist about mouth guard care before treatment, which may include washing the mouth guard and case frequently and practicing good oral hygiene before wearing it. 

How are custom mouth guards different?

A common misconception about mouth guards recommended by a dentist is that they are not any different than store-bought mouth guards. However, custom mouth guards are specifically designed for the individual wearing it, meaning they fit better and are far more comfortable. They also are designed for a specific issue and effective in treating the issue, which may be grinding teeth, snoring or staying safe while playing a sport. 

Talk to your dentist about a custom mouth guard

You only get one set of teeth. Subsequently, if they are at risk of damage, then it may be a good idea to visit the dentist for a custom mouth guard. If you play a sport, grind your teeth or struggle with sleep apnea, a mouth guard may be right for you. Consult with us today and schedule a time to come in for an initial consultation.

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