What Are the Worst Habits For Your Dental Health?

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The average person has several bad habits that compromise dental health. Such patterns are glaringly apparent to dentists, yet patients typically overlook them. There is a good chance you have at least one poor dental health habit and do not even realize it. Commit the bad dental habits detailed below to memory, do your best to eliminate them and you will be that much more likely to enjoy healthy teeth and gums.

Bad habits that can damage teeth

Using teeth as tools

Teeth should only be used for eating. If you use your teeth to open a bag of chips, remove a tag from clothing or do anything else, it is time to make a change. Those who use their teeth as tools run the risk of chipping or cracking their pearly whites.

Chewing ice

Chewing ice is more common than most people think. Regular ice chewing erodes the protective outermost layer of the teeth known as enamel. Furthermore, chewing ice has the potential to chip or crack the teeth, crowns, fillings and other dental work.

Biting the nails

Nail biting is a nervous habit detrimental to dental health as well as the nails. Nail biting is especially prevalent in youngsters. Though nail biting might not seem too harmful at first, it could become a serious problem in due time. Prolonged or excessive nail biting damages the teeth as well as the gums. Furthermore, nail biting has the potential to transmit germs that induce illness.

Clenching and grinding the teeth

The average person clenches or grinds his teeth now and then, especially when nervous. If clenching or grinding occurs at a high frequency, the teeth will be damaged. Grinding typically happens when sleeping as it results from a faulty bite or crooked chompers. If you experience a sore jaw or a headache upon waking, there is a good chance you grind and/or clench your teeth.

Brushing excessively hard

Brushing is essential for dental health yet brushing overly hard can prove detrimental. The application of excessive force when cleaning with a toothbrush that has overly-hard bristles wears down the protective enamel on the teeth. Even pressing too hard with a toothbrush will damage the teeth. If you notice worn spots along your chompers, receding gums or cavities along the root or base of a tooth, you might be brushing too hard.

Failing to brush

If you were to survey dentists, most would agree flossing is just as important if not more important than brushing. However, there is no excuse to floss and skip the brushing. Even if you spend the night partying with friends, traveling or working, you should still make time to brush your teeth. Flossing will clean between the teeth and gums, yet it will not clean the front of the teeth or their surfaces.

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