Understanding the Basics of How to Care for Invisalign Clear Braces

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Clear Braces Tempe, AZ

Invisalign® clear braces provide a noninvasive way to straighten teeth. This system uses clear plastic trays to slowly push the teeth towards a better position that enhances the appearance of a smile. These clear braces are virtually impossible to spot when a person is wearing them, and they do not draw any unnecessary attention to the person's smile as is the case with metal braces.

Taking care of Invisalign® clear braces

One of the biggest benefits that come with clear braces like Invisalign® is the fact these aligners trays are removable. This makes it possible for the patient to continue to eat and clean their mouth as they have always done. Metal braces are notorious for being difficult to eat with and even harder to clean.

Taking good care of clear braces protects the wearer from oral bacteria that can build up on the appliance. It helps to keep the aligners odorless and clear, so less visible on the teeth. Failing to properly clean clear aligners increases the patient's risk of tooth decay, and it can leave the aligners discolored, making them easier to see.

Fortunately, taking care of clear braces is easy and straightforward. Here are simple things patients can do to keep their appliance in good condition:

  • Rinse after removing: Patients should make it a habit to rinse their aligner trays with cold water every time they take them out. This helps to remove food particles, saliva and oral bacteria that have accumulated on the aligner trays,
  • Soak the aligners often: Invisalign® clear braces should be soaked in Invisalign® cleaning crystals for 15 minutes to disinfect them. White vinegar or denture solution can also be used to soak aligners.
  • Clean teeth before use: Clear aligners restrict saliva from cleaning food particles, bacteria and acids from teeth surfaces. Patients can combat this by brushing their teeth before reinserting their aligners.
  • Clean the aligners with soap: An antibacterial soap can be used to wash clear aligners. A soft toothbrush should be used when cleaning Invisalign® trays with soap to prevent scratches.

While straightening their teeth with clear aligners, patients should also take care to avoid certain activities, such as eating with the aligners in. Clear aligners should be taken out before meals or drinks besides water. Eating with aligners can lead to stains and bad odors

Clear aligners should only be cleaned with clear, unscented antibacterial soap. The fragrances in scented soaps can linger for hours on clear aligners and the coloring agents in some soaps can stain them. Also avoid cleaning with abrasive toothpaste, as ingredients like baking soda can scratch clear aligners.

Get straighter teeth with Invisalign®

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