Types of Implant Supported Dentures

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If your dentist has suggested that you get implant supported dentures, you should strongly consider the treatment. Living without teeth can be challenging both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, there are different options to help you regain the use of your mouth. You can also overcome the cosmetic challenges you have been facing.

How dentures can help

Whether because of an accident, injury or poor oral health habits, teeth can fall out or become severely damaged. Without teeth, it is difficult to eat and even speak. People may even have low self-esteem or want to avoid social settings. Dentures can be an effective way to restore biting functions and facial features. With dentures, people can once again properly chew food and can avoid other dental issues.

Comparison with traditional dentures

Implant supported dentures and traditional dentures have similarities and differences. Both have the same goal of replacing teeth and giving the wearer a full smile once again. Traditional dentures have a gum-colored acrylic base and plastic false teeth. These dentures sit on the person’s gums and are removable. Implant supported dentures are constructed in a similar way. The difference is, this appliance attaches to dental implants, which the dentist puts into the person’s mouth months in advance.

Bar-retained dentures

The dentist will begin my implanting screw-like titanium posts deep into the person’s jaw. Over the next few months, the posts will fuse with the jawbone while the patient heals. With bar-retained dentures, the dentist places a thin metal bar in the person’s mouth. It will go along with the curve of the person’s jaw and attaches to a few of the implants. There are also clips on the bar to which the denture attaches.

Ball-retained dentures

Some dentists refer to these implant supported dentures as stud-attachment dentures. This type of denture has an attachment that fits into an attachment to the implants. The implant attachments are shaped like a ball and go into sockets on the dentures. Like bar-retained dentures, these dentures are removable.

Permanent implant supported dentures

More rarely, the dentist will place bridgework in the patient’s mouth to permanently fix the dentures. Many patients and dentists do not prefer this type. In fact, with implant supported dentures, it is important for the patient, when possible, to remove the dentures at night. Patients should take out the appliance after meals to rinse them off. Daily brushing is also critical.

Making the decision

The type of implant supported dentures the patient chooses is up to their preferences and needs. The dentist will also help decide which style makes the most sense. The dentist will explain the differences as well as proper maintenance and care techniques.

Finding that smile again

It is difficult to go through life without teeth. It is nice to know that you have options to replace your teeth and regain your smile. A cosmetic dentist near you has the knowledge and training to help you with your cosmetic needs. Call your dentist today and make an appointment to start your treatment with implant supported dentures today.

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