Tooth Aligner Options and FAQ’s

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Tooth Aligner Options and FAQ's

Nowadays, there are so many options in tooth aligners that some even go as far as trying the DIY route. Companies sell tooth aligning kits for people to use on their own. Rather than attempting to make the mold on your own, lean on your dentist to do the job right. An at-home impression kit will only end up causing re-dos, poor-fitting impression trays and other problems. Here is a brief look at different options and how they can help your oral health.

Tooth aligner options: Invisalign and regular braces

Invisalign's translucent aligners have emerged as incredibly popular. This tooth straightening solution is best described as a group of translucent orthodontic aligners that can be removed when necessary, yet serve the overarching goal of straightening the teeth. There is no need to use wires or metal as required by regular braces. Invisalign trays cannot be seen when they are on the teeth, yet they are straightening out those crooked chompers.

Though regular metal braces are still available, they are quite unsightly compared to clear aligners like Invisalign. What matters most is that the dentist customizes your aligners and ensure that teeth end up in exactly the position they should be in. Though Invisalign has the potential to take a bit longer than regular braces, the resulting completely natural look is well worth it.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are metal braces positioned behind the teeth where they cannot be seen. This style of braces is sometimes criticized as uncomfortable as the bracket and wire are close to the tongue. However, no one will be able to see the lingual braces, so there is no need to be self-conscious.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces that are clear or close to the hue of natural teeth, somewhat resemble a retainer. Thankfully, few people, if anyone, will notice the ceramic braces. Even if someone is standing a few feet away, there is a good chance they will no notice the ceramic braces. The ligatures are the color of teeth or completely clear while the wire is silver. Ligatures will not stain as they are changed out fairly frequently.

The tooth aligning process is easier than most think

If you are stressed out about incorporating an aligner, relax. The dentist will inform you of everything you need to know during your consultation. The two of you will talk about potential tooth straightening options, how long it will take to make the envisioned aesthetic a reality and the steps necessary to return your smile to glory. The dentist might also recommend a cleaning and check-up prior to the placement of the tooth aligner. Spend the time necessary to select the best aligner for your mouth, within a year your teeth will be close to their proper position.

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