Tempe Family Dentist Announces Venus Teeth Whitening

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South Mountain Family Dental’s Tempe family dentist Michael Dickerson offers patients the convenience of the Venus White teeth whitening treatment.

Dr. Michael Dickerson Offers Venus White Service

(Newswire.net — May 11, 2016) Tempe, Arizona — South Mountain Family Dental announces the availability at its office of the Venus whitening system. This revolutionary advance in patient-use technology makes it easier for individuals requiring teeth whitening to obtain it by giving patients the convenience of prompt whitening with the Venus White system. Anyone wanting to have clean-looking and whiter teeth can now receive a convenient in-office procedure performed by Dr. Michael Dickerson.

“The dental cleaning Tempe patients get at our office is an essential part of the preventative dental care necessary to maintain good oral hygiene,” according to Dr. Michael Dickerson of South Mountain Family Dental. “Teeth whitening and teeth straightening are services we offer for patients who might be self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth when they smile, laugh or talk.”

In-office teeth whitening performed by the Tempe family dentist at South Mountain Family Dental uses a painless procedure to give someone whiter teeth in just one treatment. Teeth can become up to eight shades whiter with the initial treatment and follow up retouching at home by the patient as needed.

South Mountain Family Dental provides whitening trays after the Venus Whitening has been completed at the office. The trays offer gradual whitening and is performed at home by the patient. After an office visit with their dentist in Tempe AZ, patients are given customized trays and a whitening agent. The Whitener is added to one of the trays and it is worn over the teeth for approximately an hour each day. The trays are clear and almost invisible, so patients do not mind wearing them. Patients only use the trays until they achieve the level of whitening they desire. This is usually accomplished after only two weeks of using the trays.

Teeth whitening performed in the office by Dr. Dickerson using the Venus whitening kit reveals the brightness of a person’s smile by removing stains that can discolor the teeth. Common sources of stains include coffee, tea, cigars and cigarettes. The Venus White whitening kits uses the whitening agent to remove stains from the surface of each tooth. Some staining may require longer use of the trays before the results a patient desires are achieved.

Dr. Dickerson and his staff at South Mountain Family Dental can answer any questions a person might have about any of the teeth whitening procedures that are currently available. They recommend before teeth whitening Tempe AZ patients receive a dental cleaning for a better result. Contact their office by visiting their website at www.smtfamilydental.com or call 602-438-9245. Appointments are available for new and existing patients for this teeth whitening service.

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Located in Tempe, Arizona, South Mountain Family Dental is a full-service family practice offering general dental services including routine examinations, cleanings, sealants and digital X-ray. Cosmetic dental services for adults and children include implants, whitening, braces and Invisalign teeth straightening. They also offer nitrous oxide and sedation dentistry to alleviate the stress and anxiety experienced by some patients.

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