Talking to Your Dentist About a Smile Makeover

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A smile makeover is a way for patients with imperfections in their smiles to achieve a more attractive appearance and address concerns with their teeth, gums and jaw alignment. It is helpful to discuss the treatment options available with your dentist to find out how a smile makeover is beneficial.

How the smile makeover process works

Every patient is unique and the treatment process is different for each person. However, there is a certain process that most cosmetic dentists follow when it comes to a smile makeover. The following is everything to know about smile makeover treatment, including what it is exactly and how the process works. 

What is a smile makeover?

Before we discuss the process that your cosmetic dentist is likely to use for treatment, we should take a look at exactly what a smile makeover is. A smile makeover is a set of cosmetic dental procedures performed to address one or more cosmetic concerns of a patient in regard to their appearance when they smile. Cosmetic dentists can perform a variety of treatment options, and they can customize the treatment plan for each individual patient. 

The initial consultation

The first step in the smile makeover process is the initial consultation, which is often free. The main purpose of this visit is to help the patient make a decision about treatment. The cosmetic dentist will likely conduct an oral examination, discuss treatment goals with the patient and recommend options that they feel will be the most beneficial. After this, the patient can use the information to make an informed decision. 

The treatment process

If the patient agrees to do the smile makeover, then together with the cosmetic dentist, they can come up with a treatment plan, including what procedures will be involved in the process and appointment dates. The cosmetic dentist will be there every step of the way to administer treatment and answer any questions or address any concerns the patient might have. Once treatment is complete, the cosmetic dentist will ensure that the patient is satisfied, and the transition to follow-up care can begin.

Follow-up care

It is essential for smile makeover patients to understand that the end of treatment does not mean the entire process is complete. Rather, it is important for the patient to closely follow aftercare instructions that the cosmetic dentist provides, which will be different for each patient. For example, a patient who used clear aligners to straighten their teeth will need to wear a retainer to ensure that teeth do not shift back. Individuals who receive dental veneers, crowns or implants might be instructed to avoid certain foods.

Find out more from a cosmetic dentist

Here at our cosmetic dentist office, we help patients achieve the smile of their dreams through smile makeover treatment. Get in touch with us to learn more about the process. We can answer any questions you may have about the smile makeover process or any other dental procedure. We are here to help you!

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