Preventive Care From a Family Dentist

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Preventive care from a family dentist involves keeping your teeth healthy throughout your life. It also helps you take care of your overall health. However, you might be wondering more about the benefits of preventive dentistry. Keep reading to learn more.

What is preventive dentistry?

Preventive dentistry involves care to maintain a patient’s oral health. It involves regular checkups and cleanings at a family dentist. The dentist can help the patient develop good oral hygiene habits. This should begin in childhood and continue throughout a patient’s life. Parents can encourage preventive habits by scheduling regular dental visits. This will encourage children to have a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.

Preventive dentistry involves regular oral exams that should happen once every six months. X-rays will be taken when needed. The family dentist can offer cleanings to remove plaque. Some insurance plans offer preventive care.

A patient’s role

Much preventive dental care begins at home. This includes developing good dental habits in childhood. This can help reduce a patient’s likelihood of getting gum disease, cavities or gingivitis. Patients should brush at least twice a day, usually in the evening and morning.

A toothbrush should have soft bristles to avoid wearing down the enamel. A family dentist can give patients tips on the right way to brush. A patient may also receive recommendations on the right type of toothpaste. For example, some patients should not use whitening toothpaste.

Part of preventive care also involves flossing. A family dentist can show the patient the right way to floss. This is important to avoid the early stages of gum disease. This will also prevent plaque from forming.

Diet recommendations

A family dentist can give a patient recommendations on the right food to eat. For example, hard foods can chip teeth or restorations. Candies, foods with pits and seeds can all be problematic. Acidic foods, such as citrus fruits, can wear down the enamel over time. A family dentist will also recommend avoiding tobacco products.

Benefits of preventive care

One of the main benefits of preventive care is that it lowers a patient’s risk of other health problems. This includes tooth decay and gum disease. It also allows a dentist to identify dental problems early on. For example, it is easier to have a tooth filled than to have an entire root canal procedure.

During a preventive visit, the family dentist can examine the jaw, mouth and neck area. This can reduce the risk of chronic health problems. Issues such as cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis are all linked to oral health. People who have these chronic conditions can benefit from regular preventive care.

Visit a family dentist for preventive care

Preventive care will help you keep your teeth healthy for a long time to come. It can even help you avoid having other health issues. You can keep your smile beautiful by taking care of it. Regularly visiting a family dentist will help you avoid these and other issues.

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