Learn Why Teeth Whitening is Not the Same As Teeth Brushing

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Teeth Brushing

You are mistaken if you consider teeth whitening and teeth cleaning as a similar procedure. Both dental processes are two different sides of the same coin. A teeth cleaning removes tartar and plague, which help prevent tooth decay and various gum diseases. Moreover, the primary purpose of teeth whitening is mainly cosmetic. You can opt for it to remove stains from your teeth. It will enhance your smile and appearance whereas teeth cleaning will strengthen your gums. It is worth noting that only your dentist can prescribe which procedure will cater to your needs after an extensive examination.

Teeth Cleaning

To maintain oral hygiene, dental hygienists suggest opting for teeth cleaning after every six months. However, many people are susceptible to tooth decay or periodontal disease. In this case, they might need frequent deep cleanings. Also, there are specific professional teeth cleaning procedures, which your hygienist would recommend as per needs such as:


Patients usually undergo this type of teeth cleaning every six months. During the process, your hygienist uses a series of scrapers and picks to eliminate tartar and plaque from the surface of your teeth, which occur due to sugar and simple carbs. Moreover, hygienists opt for special tools to scrape plaque build up from the crevices of your teeth. Polishing comes after scraping, and it completes via flossing to remove excess buildup.

2. Planning and Root Scaling

This method is an advanced kind of teeth cleaning. This procedure is suitable for patients with swollen and bleeding gums. You can develop gum diseases if tartar or plaque buildup stays on the teeth surface for an extensive period. The only difference between advanced cleaning and prophylaxis is the tools that your hygienist uses during the process.

Dental hygienists reveal both cleaning practices are useful in the following ways:

  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Stops excess bleeding
  • Eliminates bad breath
  • Detects oral problems such as oral cancer

Teeth Whitening

To achieve a whiter and brighter smile, you should go for teeth whitening. It seems like a safe process to remove coffee, smoking, or even red wine stains. Teeth Whitening has no health benefit, but it boosts your confidence and self-esteem. There are treatments available, which you can perform at home or schedule an appointment to get it done by a professional depending on the degree of whiteness you want. You can go for teeth whitening without giving it a second thought in some instances like:

  • Using whitening toothpaste but no noticeable result
  • Preparing for occasions like a graduation or where you want to create an impression
  • To get rid of yellow tint on your teeth

What's the real story?

Whether it is teeth whitening or cleaning, both procedures are beneficial for your oral health. It is evident that painless, clean, and bright teeth contribute to the quality of your life. So, do not hesitate and consult oral hygienist to get the right cleaning method for you.

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