How to Recover from Tooth Extraction

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Having a tooth extracted is never on the top of anyone’s list of things to do. However, sometimes it is the best way to keep a person’s mouth in the best shape possible. Although it is always a dentist’s primary goal to keep the original structure of the tooth, meaning the tooth in general, however sometimes circumstances make this impossible.

In those cases, tooth extraction may be the best solution for the patient. If a dentist suggests this option, it is typically because there is no other viable option to choose. When this occurs, there are some steps that someone can take to make the recovery from having a tooth extracted as simple and pain-free as possible!

Recovering from a tooth extraction

The recovery period for having a tooth extracted is typically only a few days. Although the dentist will give some instructions, knowing what they will be beforehand can make the stress leading up to the extraction more pleasant.

Take pain medicine as prescribed

The dentist will most likely prescribe some medications to be taken after the procedure to help with any pain. It is recommended that the prescription is picked up a day or two before the procedure. That will ensure that the medication is ready and does not need to be picked up from the pharmacy after the extraction.

Although if this is not possible, it is recommended that the patient have a friend or family member lined up to stop by the pharmacy when driving them home to make things easier and less stressful.

Apply a cold compress to the area

Applying a cold compress to the area outside of where the tooth was extracted will help greatly with pain. By reducing the swelling, the pain will go down greatly if not completely. Be sure and only apply the compress 10 minutes at a time, and have at least a 30 minute waiting period between applying it again.

Avoid rinsing and spitting

Rinsing the mouth with water and spitting may seem harmless, but it could cause some issues. Because of the force and suction of the mouth when spitting and rinsing, it can cause issues with the healing and could cause the area to start bleeding again. Instead, only drink water out of a cup with no straw, and do not rinse or spit for at least 24-hours after the procedure.

When laying, prop your head up

Propping your head up when laying down can help the healing process. By laying flat, this can cause bleeding to continue on for longer than necessary. Because of how the teeth and veins rest, propping the head up will avoid this issue.

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