How Many Teeth Does the Average Person Have?

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Have you ever wondered how many teeth the average person has? Most of us do not even think to check when we are young. However, as we age the number of teeth we have begins to matter, especially if they are close to falling out.

Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple, and it depends on various factors, with the most significant factor being age.

What is the average amount of teeth?

To fully understand the number of teeth the average person has, you must grasp that it differs based on age. As children, we start with a lower number than adults, but as we age, we slowly gain more and more teeth.

The following are the average number of teeth, depending on whether adult teeth have grown in or not.

Baby teeth

When children still have their baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, they have fewer teeth to work with than they will once their adult teeth begin to grow in. When all baby teeth are still present, meaning they have not started to fall out yet, there is an average of 20 teeth. This includes eight incisors, four canines and eight molars.

Baby teeth do not last for long as they begin falling out around the age of six. As they get older, children slowly gain more and more teeth.

Also, keep in mind children over the age of six are likely to have far fewer than 20 teeth, so there is no call for concern if they are missing a significant amount of baby teeth.

Adult teeth

After adult teeth grow in, the number of teeth the average person has increases to 32. This number includes eight incisors, four canines, eight premolars and twelve molars. They also have four wisdom teeth, which are often removed or never break through.

In some cases, an individual may have far more than 32 teeth, which is known as hypodontia. In other instances, it is not entirely uncommon for one to have less than 28 functioning teeth, especially if a tooth has fallen out of the mouth.

While 32 teeth may seem like a large amount, teeth need proper care. Once they are gone, they never return, resulting in the need for replacement teeth.

How to take care of your teeth

Our teeth are very delicate, and they endure a lot through daily life, including biting, chewing and grinding. Due to this, it is essential to care for your teeth and ensure that they last a lifetime.

The best way to maintain your teeth without suffering from infection, decay or tooth loss is to practice good oral hygiene. This should include brushing several times each day, flossing and using mouthwash at least once a day. Do not forget to make regular visits to the dentist for other things such as fluoride treatment.

Additionally, avoiding too many harmful foods and drinks and using fluoride to strengthen the enamel is helpful in maintaining healthy teeth.

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