How Is All-on-4® Different From Bridges and Dentures?

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All-on-4 Tempe, AZ

Adults suffering tooth loss should consider the permanent option of All-on-4® to restore their smiles. Tooth loss is a common occurrence for adults as they age. There are several types of replacement options to choose from that can return any smile to its former glory. Dentists can help a patient decide on an appropriate solution.

What is All-on-4®?

This procedure serves as a full mouth dental implant restoration. Through minor surgery, four implants are precisely placed along the top of the mouth and another four along the bottom. The titanium implants fuse to the jaw bone and function as part of it. Once the surgery site properly heals, a new permanent fixed bridge of teeth is attached. This treatment technique results in a full arch of teeth and a fully restored, customized smile.

Things to consider when choosing All-on-4®

There are many benefits to this procedure compared to traditional bridges and dentures. However, this treatment option is not right for everyone. Gather all information and weigh your options. Keep in mind that full mouth dental restoration sometimes requires the removal of healthy teeth to fit and function effectively.


As this treatment technique results in one fixed bridge containing a full row of teeth, this procedure is typically less expensive than getting a full mouth of individual implants. While the placement of the new implants can often be done in one visit, the full treatment technique often requires several follow-up visits as the mouth heals before the permanent replacement bridge can be attached. The costs of the follow-up visits to complete the procedure still generally amount to less than the lifetime of refitting and replacements needed for traditional dentures.


The new permanent bridge is fixed into place. It is sturdy and stationary. It feels and functions like natural teeth and allows patients to eat whatever foods they desire. Difficult-to-bite foods like apples and corn on the cob that are often off-limits to wearers of traditional dentures are back on the table with All-on-4®. It does take some getting used to as the force and sensation of the bite may change with a foreign object placed permanently in the mouth. It will often also require patients to adjust to a difference in some speech sounds.


Unlike dentures, which require adhesive to stay in place and can still fall out, an All-on-4® bridge is fixed in position. Traditional dentures can be bulky and uncomfortable, often needing to be refitted or replaced over time. On the other hand, this one-time full mouth dental restoration does not need to be removed to be cleaned to adjusted. Once the bridge is fitted in the mouth, it stays put.


Tooth loss is a common problem that many aging adults experience. Whether the concern is more cosmetic or functional, there are a wide range of solutions available. For those considering dental implants, a consultation with a dentist can help determine if All-on-4® is the recommended choice.

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