Here’s A Quick Way Dentists Get Rid Of Bad Breath

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There is a common misconception that dentists go to great lengths to prevent and eliminate bad breath.  The truth is dentists rely on quick and easy methods to combat halitosis just like everyone else. The question is what these oral health experts are doing differently than the rest of us to keep halitosis at bay.  

Tips to prevent and eliminate bad breath

Below, we explain some of the quickest and most effective means of thwarting bad breath as relied upon by dentists across the world.

Your Toothbrush is Your Friend

Dentists are well aware of the fact that brushing the teeth after a snack or meal has the potential to damage sensitive tooth enamel.  These oral health superstars wait at least 20-30 minutes to clean their teeth after eating to prevent such damage. The point of the matter is dentists are willing to brush their teeth after each meal while most people are unwilling to put in such effort.  In fact, many dentists floss after meals so that tiny bits of food do not stick between the teeth and cause halitosis.

Be sure to brush your tongue in addition to your teeth and gums after eating as small bits of food will settle on your tongue and other parts of your mouth.  If left in place, these small pieces of food will eventually be degraded by the harmful bacteria in your mouth and prove odorous. You can do your part by flossing after each meal and brushing the entirety of your mouth including your tongue.

The Optimal Frequency for Tongue-cleaning

Patients often ask how frequently they should clean their tongue to eliminate bad breath.  If you dislike the odor of your breath, give your tongue a good cleaning as soon as possible.  You can use your toothbrush and toothpaste or a tongue scraper. A growing number of patients are using tongue scrapers since they do not cause the gag reflex like brushing.  

Above all, you should clean your tongue every single night.  A thorough tongue-cleaning will eliminate as much bacteria and food particles as possible so they do not have the chance to wreak havoc in your mouth throughout the night.  Give your tongue a full cleaning on a nightly basis and you will find your breath really does smell that much better.

Take Tongue-cleaning to the Next Level

Too many people make the mistake of cleaning the front third of their tongue with toothpaste and a toothbrush, leaving the back portions rife with bacteria, food particles and other gunk.  Cleaning the tongue with a toothbrush will certainly help combat bad breath but is not the only action against bad breath.

A tongue scraper will perform a much more thorough and comfortable clean than a toothbrush.  Your toothbrush will not eliminate the gross-smelling biofilm along the tongue. Drag a spoon or tongue scraper over your tongue to wipe the disgusting biofilm off and make your breath smell that much better.

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