General Dentistry: How Often Should I See My Dental Hygienist in Tempe?

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General Dentistry Tempe, AZ

You know it is important to take advantage of general dentistry. Your dentist and the rest of the staff can perform an integral service for your oral health needs. If you neglect these opportunities and appointments, you can develop tooth pain from gum disease, cavities and infections. More significant problems such as bone loss can also occur. If you get into the habit of coming by the dental office regularly, you can achieve your oral health goals. The dental staff will also be able to identify problems early before they escalate.

What services the dental office can provide

At a dental office, patients can enjoy care from the dentist and hygienists. These professionals have the knowledge and training patients can feel comfortable with to meet their needs. The dental practice can provide preventive services such as teeth cleaning and polishing as well as flossing and fluoride treatment. Dentists can also fill cavities, perform root canals, repair broken teeth, treat gum disease and more. General dentistry is applicable to patients young and old and to everyone in between.

What the hygienist does

The hygienist helps patients establish good brushing and flossing habits. This support member of the dental staff will closely monitor the health of the patient’s gums and teeth. The hygienist will teach the person how to brush, what type of toothpaste may be most effective, how to reduce the risk of cavities and how one’s diet can affect oral health. The hygienist refers to the patient’s history and makes adjustments to the person’s treatment plan as necessary.

When to start seeing the hygienist for general dentistry care

Parents should start sending children to the dental office at early ages. This will help establish good habits and put the child on the right pathway toward oral health. Dentists recommend that children first get an examination when the first tooth appears. This typically happens around six months of age. However, if a patient still does not have any teeth by age 1, it is a good idea to make an appointment and begin examinations.

How often to make appointments

Putting off dental appointments will increase the likelihood of getting cavities, gum disease or infections. Procrastinating oral care can bring on bone loss or tooth loss. People should let a hygienist exam and clean their teeth every six months. Some patients may need even more frequent contact, depending on how severe the issues are. For example, patients will gingivitis may come to the office for hygienist visits every month.

Take it seriously

It may be easy to forget about making and keeping dental appointments. Life gets busy, and other priorities may get in the way. However, if you are mindful of your dental health needs, you will emphasize the importance of meeting with the hygienist every six months. This professional can keep your health on the right track and can correct problems with your teeth and mouth. If you have not stopped by for a while, call today and make your next appointment.

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