Does a General Dentist Recommend a Smile Makeover for Cosmetic or Restorative Purposes?

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There is a lot to think about with a smile makeover. Some people may need some help for aesthetic reasons, while others need to relieve pain or discomfort. Whatever your situation is, your dentist has the knowledge and training to help. There are various procedures available to meet your needs and you feel well and look good once again. You can once again smile without being embarrassed.

Common issues that lead to a smile makeover

Because of poor brushing or flossing habits, some people’s teeth can have an unsightly appearance. In other cases, a hard blow to the face or biting into something can break or dislodge a tooth. From discolored teeth to broken or missing teeth, dentists treat a variety of issues. Sometimes, teeth simply grow in crooked or at strange angles. Some mouths are crowded or have abnormally large or small teeth. All of these concerns lead people to seek a solution.

Cosmetic procedures and when to do them

A smile makeover can either be cosmetically driven or important because of health reasons. Both factors could be at play as well. Teeth whitening is a common treatment that people choose to revive their smile. Dentists will recommend this when a person is otherwise healthy but unhappy with their appearance.

Teeth whitening processes can occur in the office or at the patient’s home. In the office, the dentist places whitening gel in an apparatus and then puts it in the patient’s mouth. Using light or heat, the dentist activates the chemicals, which break down the stains on the teeth. This process lasts about an hour. At-home treatments are not as quick. Patients fill trays with a peroxide solution and wear them overnight for several weeks.

Restorative treatments and when they are right

Other smile makeover processes are important to relieve pain and to restore a person’s oral wellness. For example, a broken or cracked tooth not only hinders the smile, but it can be uncomfortable and increase the chances of decay. Dentists will almost always recommend getting a crown or veneer over a damaged tooth as soon as possible. The longer the person waits, the more likely serious problems will occur.

Restorative treatments in addition to crowns and veneers may include a bridge, dental implants, or dentures. The dentist will discuss with the patient which one makes the most sense. The decision may depend on factors such as the patient’s financial situation and how long the patient needs the restoration to last. The severity of the issue also is a factor.

Look good, feel good once again

Whether you have tooth pain or you do not like your mouth’s appearance, a smile makeover can help. Talk to your dentist today about your concerns. Together, you can discuss effective ways of restoring your smile. Teeth-whitening treatments, crowns, and veneers are common ways to address serious problems. With each of these, you can feel positive about the results and move forward with the oral health and cosmetic appearance you want.

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