Can You Get Mercury Poisoning From Silver Fillings? 5 Common Questions About Mercury Fillings

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mercury fillings

Silver fillings are also known as mercury fillings, metal fillings, and amalgam fillings. Even though dental professionals have been filling cavities for more than 100 years using silver fillings, people are starting to debate whether or not you can get mercury poisoning from these fillings. The debate continues as more studies are being done, which will eventually be able to let people know once and for all whether or not mercury poisoning is a possibility when using silver fillings.

Why mercury fillings?

Why do dental patients choose mercury fillings when the debate is still ongoing on whether or not this is a safe filling choice? People choose mercury fillings because they are extremely durable, extremely strong and can last for upwards of 15 years. Sometimes this filling choice is the ideal choice when it comes to saving a tooth that is in jeopardy.

Common questions about mercury

The following are five of the more common questions people have about mercury and mercury fillings:

Question #1 – can you get mercury poisoning from silver fillings?

Answer – yes, it is possible to breathe in mercury vapors that can cause mercury poisoning.

Question #2 — can amalgam fillings cause health problems?

Answer – amalgam fillings do contain trace amounts of mercury and can cause patients to experience neurological issues when they are exposed to certain levels.

Question #3 – do mercury fillings leak?

Answer – while mercury fillings do not actually leak, they do give off vapors. It is when these vapors are inhaled that potential problems can begin to occur.

Question #4 – what are signs of mercury poisoning?

Answer – some of the signs and symptoms associated with mercury poisoning include feeling tired and weak, being emotionally unstable, experiencing headaches often and experiencing problems with muscles.

Question #5 — how do you get rid of mercury fillings?

Answer – if a dental patient wants their mercury fillings removed, there are safe removal guidelines in place that a dentist must follow. The goal is to remove the mercury fillings in a safe way, which includes not inhaling any of the mercury vapor that will be released during the process.

Have any other fillings questions for us?

We can answer any questions you have about silver fillings. While there are some people who prefer not to have metal fillings in their mouth because they are either allergic or think that it will cause them to experience health problems, there are many others who choose this filling option and have, so far, not experienced any health issues. Since everyone is different, making an appointment with a dental professional might be a good idea for you if you are wanting more in-depth information about mercury poisoning from fillings.

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