Benefits of Tooth-colored Fillings

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FillingsTooth-colored fillings aka white fillings are by far, the most popular filling.  These fillings have emerged as the top variety mainly because of their beauty.  Tooth-colored fillings aka white fillings blend in perfectly with other teeth.  They are not expensive, they prove durable and you won’t even know they are in your mouth.

White fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings Provide Visual Uniformity

Matching tooth colored fillings aka white fillings to the rest of your teeth is not difficult.  This precise matching is a large part of the reason why so many people opt for white fillings over silver and other varieties.  In fact, plenty of patients have their dentist remove their old amalgam fillings so white fillings can be put in their place.

Once your tooth colored filling is in place, you will not hesitate to laugh out loud, smile or eat in public with other people.  No one will have any idea you have a composite filling in your mouth, even if they are within a few inches.

Live Life With a Silver-free Smile

There is no reason to have silver fillings in your mouth.  It is time to enjoy a silver-free smile with white fillings.  Tooth-colored fillings do not contain potentially harmful components like mercury.  Amalgam fillings have allegedly toxic components.  Just as important is the fact that a silver-free smile will prove more visually striking.

Restore and Bolster Your Tooth Strength With a Composite Filling

Composite fillings are quite formidable.  While silver fillings weaken tooth structure when the metal expands and shrinks according to the temperature alterations, composite fillings will stay the same.  Your composite-filled tooth will be that much less likely to break compared to a tooth with a silver filling.

Preserve Your Tooth’s Structure

Another part of the appeal of white fillings is the dentist does not have to remove a large portion of the natural tooth structure.  The tooth will be prepped for the composite filling without requiring a massive hole to be drilled as is necessary for silver fillings.

Minimal Pain After the Filling

Once the tooth colored filling aka white filling is in the tooth, you won’t have to bother with any special cleaning procedures or sensitivity.  You will have minimal if any, pain or sensitivity following the filling.  This statement is especially true when juxtaposed with the considerable sensitivity caused by silver fillings.

A Risk-free Filling

There are no health risks tied to the use of white fillings.  Patients have reported a bit of discomfort in the days after the filling.  Some report sensitivity to hot and cold drinks and foods for upwards of a week or two.

However, there is no metal in the filling, so there is no risk to the mouth.  Though there is a chance the filling will stain if you eat or drink certain foods, the dentist can apply a clear plastic coating to prevent eventual discoloration.

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