Benefits of Ceramic Crowns for Front Teeth

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Ceramic Crowns Tempe, AZ

Ceramic crowns are a great way to restore the look, feel and function of front teeth. There are many advantages to choosing them over other forms of front teeth restorations. It is often helpful to have a full understanding of the benefits of ceramic crowns before deciding on treatment.

Ceramic crown benefits

A common misconception is that dental crowns are most ideal for molars and premolars (teeth further back in the mouth.) However, dental crowns are made of many different materials, and ceramic crowns are great for front teeth that need repair. The following are four reasons to consider ceramic crowns. 

Protects front teeth from damage

One of the biggest advantages of ceramic crowns is that they protect natural teeth from damage. Treatment is often necessary after a tooth becomes weakened, damage or is at risk of becoming lost, which may be the result of poor oral hygiene, a chipped tooth during physical activity or teeth grinding. Ceramic crowns cover the tooth and provide additional support to ensure it does not become damaged further.

Improves the appearance of front teeth

Another reason to consider ceramic crowns for damaged or weakened front teeth is because there are many cosmetic benefits associated with treatment. Each instance is different, but many times when a front tooth needs a ceramic crown, it is worn down, experienced enamel erosion or severely discolored. When this occurs, it drastically changes a person’s smile. Fortunately, however, ceramic crowns restore the size and shape of the natural tooth. 

Same color as natural teeth

Ceramic crowns, which are constructed of a porcelain-like material, are tailored specifically for the patient, and they are made to be the exact same color shade as the patient’s natural tooth. The detailed process involves capturing the exact shade of natural tooth from a detailed shade guide, and the patient and dentist find the perfect shade. In some instances, the dentist may recommend teeth cleaning to remove built-up plaque and tarter before determining the proper shade, leaving the patient with a clean and beautiful smile. 

Durable and easy to care for

Ceramic crowns are incredibly durable, especially when used on front teeth. The more visible teeth in the mouth are used far less for chewing purposes and subject to far less damage than the molars and premolars. The exact amount of time ceramic crowns last depends largely on how well-cared-for they are, but it is common for them to last for well over ten years. Fortunately, it is very easy to care for ceramic crowns through routine dental visits and good oral hygiene. 

Talk to a dentist about ceramic crowns

Everyone deserves a set of teeth that look great, feel like they should and function well, and we pride ourselves on restoring the size, shape and function of front teeth of our patient’s through the use of ceramic crowns. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of ceramic crowns or want to schedule a time to meet our staff and determine if treatment is right for you, consult with us today.

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